Mirage John / Dongsheng Zhang / Amateur Artist

Mirage John is my pseudonym (pen name). I have been in the biomedical research job for donkey's years.

Here I am just trying to show a novel finding in 1999: dropping a “unique ink” on glass surface to dry and form a tiny dot, 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter. With the naked eye, we can enjoy nothing with the dots. When magnified them, the amazing, unbelievable, mysterious and enthralling micro scenes were visualized. I captured them using a transmitted light microscopy with a digital camera. The drawing-like, painting-like and sculpture-like subjects seem a mirage that not come from a human mind or hand.

If you have any question or oppugn or skepticism or doubts about my works, please let me know.

Dongsheng Zhang

E-mail: mirage.john60@gmail.com

The imagine (left/top) captured from a micro crystal in 2000. It may be a self-portrait. 


Amazing Red Rock Faces

Rock Elephant

Rock Elephant