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A Space-Port on Asteroid (2)

A Space-Port on Asteroid (2)

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Unframed Prints

Unframed Prints. Medium: archival pigment print

The subject, an asteroid-like Space-Settlement, was formed naturally by micro crystal on the microscope glass slide. The photomicrograph was taken using a transmitted light microscopy (4X objective Lens) and digital camera.

Wikipedia: Proposed future bases on asteroid are sometimes called Spaceports. An asteroid is a minor planet—an object that is neither a planet nor a comet. They are rocky, metallic or icy bodies with no atmosphere. Sizes and shapes of asteroids vary significantly, ranging from 1-meter rocks to a dwarf planet almost 1000 km in diameter. Asteroids are generally classified to be of three types: C-type, M-type, and S-type.


  • Artist: Mirage John (Dongsheng Zhang)
  • Markings: signed
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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